Coming soon: Working with KDAT Post Columns

KDAT indicates lumber that is “kiln-dried after treatment.” This process provides the benefits of composite material with real wood. Following pressure treatment, KDAT products are placed in a large oven, or kiln, where the excess moisture is removed. The wood dries evenly to reduce the its natural tendency to shrink, cup or warp. This high-quality lumber is the pro’s top choice for outdoor construction because it’s a more dimensionally stable product and reduces performance issues (and callbacks) after installation. KDAT lumber, available from suppliers such as YellaWood, is easy to handle, cut and install, and it weighs less than freshly treated lumber.

We cover professional installation of KDAT post columns on a house remodel, where they serve double-duty as both decorative and structural components to support a roof that overhangs a front porch.

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